The Best Italian Restaurant in North Carolina

By far the best Italian restaurant in North Carolina. The stuffed branzino was incredible. The pasta, rolls and salads are excellent. Service is great. So happy that they moved to Cary! Love this place!!!

by Joe Calzaretta on Bellini - Fine Italian Cuisine

Being Italian and spending most of my life up north I have dined in some of the best Italian restaurants New York and New Jersey have to offer and I honestly can say that Bellini's is right up there with them.The food and the service is incredible not to mention the atmosphere.My grandson is only ten years old and Bellini's is his favorite because he loves their calamari and unbeatable deserts.Please try this place and you will not be disappointed.I would also like to mention that the waiters are as professional as they come,not young kids who don't care but real authentic servers who give you the best of the best dinning experience.The only other thing I can say is ask for Mike as your server And one other server not sure of his name but you will most likely get one or the other.All in all they say you get what you pay for but at Bellini's you receive much more.

most consistent italian food

Some of the best Italian food and great service!

by Terri Banovsky on Bellini Fine Italian Cuisine
Great Experiences

Bellini's continues to prepare and serve the highest quality of Italian food in this area. The service is superb, their homemade Sangria is tops and their daily specials can't be beat.

by B. Laura Steider on Bellini Fine Italian Cuisine

a very special thank you to Susan for delivering my wonderful 70th birthday SURPRISE dinner ... the veal marsalla & lasagna were EXCELLENT stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, salads, rolls & wine were just an unexpected bonus ... thank you once again you made this birthday very special for me and we look forward to coming into the reastaurant for another lunch or dinner

The best Italian restaurant in NC!

The very best Italian restaurant in North Carolina!My husband and I had dinner at Bellini on Saturday evening. The food and service were amazing! I had the branzino and loved every morsel. My husband's chicken and pasta were delicious, the homemade rolls were yummy and the carrot cake was fantastic. The presentations were beautiful, even our salads were very nicely plated. Andrea, our server, was very helpful and attentive.We drive an hour to go to Bellini and it is well worth the drive. Bellini is the very best Italian restaurant in North Carolina! Abel and Adan, you guys are amazing! Can't wait to go back.

The Best in NC!

My husband and I had dinner at Bellini's last night. The food and the service was outstanding. Bellini is by far the best Italian restaurant in North Carolina! We travel an hour to get is well worth the drive. Andrea was our server. She was very helpful and attentive. I had the branzino and every morsel was amazing. My husband loved his chicken dish and pasta. The homemade rolls are yummy!The carrot cake was delicious and the wine pairing were great. Presentations are beautiful, even the salad presentations.We'll be back again and again. Abel and Adan, you guys are truly amazing. We love Bellini!

Beyond amazing! Best Itialian food, staff and service!

by Brenda Lagnese on Bellini Fine Italian Cuisine

By FAR, the BEST restaurant in Fuquay!!!! The staff is always so professional and friendly and the food is fantastic!!! We have dined in and ordered out and you get the same awesome food and service either way. We live right down the street and LOVE LOVE LOVE having them here for a quick date night. I highly recommend the chicken piccata or chicken parm....bellissimo!!!

The little engine that keeps chuggin' along!

As a matter of background info, this is my second review since Bellini's first opened. I began eating at Bellini's only one week after they initially opened their doors some 4-5 years ago, and I haven't been disappointed at all during that time period.

Yes, there are over a thousand restaurants in the Triangle and it can become mind-boggling to choose what you're looking for. As "foodies," we enjoy traveling all over NC to discover unique restaurants - often to be found in small towns (either in the mountains or in the NC wine regions). And needless to say, it becomes an absolute delight to stumble upon hidden gems whose menus and ambiance levels stand out of the crowd!

But why should one have to travel distances to experience something like that? I have to tell you that Bellini's is a hidden gem right here in the town of Fuquay-Varina. The ambiance is superb (very warm, clean, and reassuring) and that's something you wouldn't expect at all in what some may have referred to as a "strip mall." The interior is warm and conservatively decorated with green, wood, white, and earth tone colors. It's not a noisy place at all and the back-ground music is a consistent, very relaxing 1950's/60's blend of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and big-band jazz (no loud hard rock here). If anything, the atmosphere harkens one back to simpler times. And yes, the traditional New York influences in both cuisine and ambiance come into play here.

Alright, now let's also be realistic here, in that there's no restaurant on the planet where a customer will love everything on the menu - that's a given due to individual tastes and preferences. However, I must admit that so far I've tried over 60% of all of Bellini's menu items and I've been nothing less than satisfied - from the plate presentation, to the superb sauces, and of course, to the quality and taste of each dish. And allow me to be the first to say that I've coined the phrase "having an gastro-intestinal orgasm" while eating here!

What's nice is that just sometimes you want to relax - to get away from the stress of it all. A quick fix is to just go to Bellini's and relax - because between the atmosphere, the eye candy, and of course, the menu choices, you'll soon be put at ease! As it stands now, I try to go once a week, or at the latest, once every two weeks - and I've never been disappointed.

Before closing, keep in mind that the Owner/Executive Chef, Abel Atauchi has a strong desire to ensure that customers are satisfied with his cuisine. There are many customers who arrive and ask him to prepare a "special," if you will. If there's something you don't see, let the Chef know and you will be surprised at what he can prepare. My favorite (not on the menu) special, which I personally request (on occasion) is pan seared salmon over a bed of seasoned spinach, accompanied by risotto and asparagus - a combination to die for (in my opinion of course).

All I say can add is that the gang there are such a pleasure to be around. You won't see a constant turnover of the waiting staff (like you do in some other restaurants) because most stay on - for years. And you won't be greeted by waiting staff in jeans or somebody named "Bubba... " They wear nicely designed outfits consisting of black pants, white shirts, ties, and a vest.

So please, give them a try and you will most likely experience why so many folks keep coming back (with some traveling from all over the Triangle to eat there).

Bon Apetite.....

Ben Herrmann
US Marine Corps (Retired)
Fuquay Varina, NC

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